Driving Lessons In Portsmouth, Fareham, Waterlooville & Havant.

1# 'Quick Pass' 6 or 8 Week Courses.

  • Discounted prices
  • Only pay a week at a time
  • Fitted in around your work or college commitments
  • Very high 1st time pass rate

Do you want to learn to drive over a short period of time but don't want the intensity of an intensive driving course? Then the very popular semi intensive 'Quick Pass Courses' are for you. The quick pass courses last for either 6 or 8 weeks. You will have a total 36 hours, 6 or 4.5 hours per week. Due to the none intensity of the course coupled with the retention of knowledge past experience has shown that most people pass 1st time.

Kia C'eed teaching car.

Save up to £2 per hour with prepay block booking.

2# Weekly Quality Driving Lessons from £10.

  • Prepay Discount & 'Pay as you go' payment options
  • 1hour, 1.5hour or 2 hour lessons
  • Pick up/drop off from Home, College or WorkMilestone for Portsmouth and Havant

You can choose Standard weekly driving lessons. It is up to you how long the lesson length is and how many lessons you have a week, whether it is 1, 2 or 3.

Pass certificate with L plate and Keys

Is price everything? Is a quality service a factor?Milestone in Cosham

  • Guaranteed 100% teaching time
  • Guaranteed calm friendly in-car atmosphere
  • Guaranteed punctual time keeping
  • Guaranteed excellent knowledge of driving techniques
  • Guaranteed knowledge of the DVSA's driving test syllabus

With a calm and friendly instructor you will learn to drive feeling confident making quicker progress. When your instructor has excellent knowledge of driving techniques and the driving test syllabus you will learn quicker, therefore less time and money. These techniques will make it very possible that you will pass the test 1st time, therefore less time and money spent. 100% teaching time means 100% learning time, getting what you are paying for.

Teaching Eco-Safe Driving For A Better Environment.


Eco-Safe driving is a proven style of driving that contributes to road safety whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
Early identification of hazards reduces braking and acceleration which in turn reduces fuel consumption.
Using the appropiate speed and gear for the conditions.
Use the highest gear possible for your speed, this includes skipping gears if appropiate.
Avoiding excessive revving when starting and moving away.
Smooth use of the accelerator including less pressure of the pedal to allow the momentum of the car to take you forward.
An Eco driver will make a safer driver and reduce the amount of CO2 the car gives out.

Nervous about driving?


Specialists in nervous first time drivers and those who have driven before and need help in getting over their nerves.

Calm, very patient and friendly teaching making you relax and learn.

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